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Drive additional margins and revenue

2X+ your customer lifetime value

Delight customers with access to cover

Differentiate products and create stickiness

Forward-thinking proprietary infrastructure built for direct and partner distribution

One platform, power the end-to-end distribution and
management of any insurance product

API & No-Code

Frontend and API
Insurance Delivery

Embedded-first digitization built for both direct and multi-channel delivery.

Quoting and

Flexible real-time quoting options with multi-carrier support.

Policy Creation &

Policy creation and post-purchase experience delivery capabilities.


Permission-based lead delegation and application completion solutions.


Policy change, user update, and payment management solutions

Reporting &

Funnel and sales reporting for each distribution partner and channel.

One integration partner. Access a wide variety
of products through our platform.

We help to deliver compliant, effective, and delightful insurance experiences.

Expertise embedding the widest variety of products in the market

We work with world-class insurers, MGAs, and brokers to distribute the largest selection of products through one platform.

Insurance Deployment & Delivery

Deliver your product with a robust set of purpose-build deployment options. Distribute your product through both direct and partner distribution channels out-of-the box.

All executions support API driven data integration.

Embedded Consumer CX

Co-branded consumer purchase journeys, built to be compliant with partners in any legal jurisdiction.

Embedded Advisor CX

Support in-journey cross-sells as part of digital or advisor driven partner sales journeys. (Licencing dependant)

Embedded Advisor CX

Support in-journey cross-sells as part of digital or advisor driven partner sales journeys. (Licencing dependant)

Quoting & Underwriting

Walnut’s underwriting engine supports real-time and continuous underwriting directly from your pricing tables.

We additionally support integration with existing pricing API’s if available.

Static Underwriting

We leverage your pricing rules to generate real-time prices as part of any deployment of your insurance.

Continuous Underwriting

We can leverage your pricing rules to generate and continuously price insurance on a continuous basis.

3rd Party Pricing Integration

For insurers with existing pricing tools, we support integration with API driven providers to deliver pricing in each journey.

Insurance Delivery

Issuance and Policy Delivery

Our platform enables the policy creation and delivery of the product to the consumer.

Certificate/Policy Generation

After a policy binds, we support the creation of unique policy documents for each customer.

Post-purchase experience

We create and deliver the post-purchase experiences that allows customers to view their policy documents, understand their coverage, manage billing, and know how to make a claim.

Lead Management

Walnuts platform supports permission based viewing, completion, and management of all leads from any deployment.

Lead Management

Lead Views

View and filter leads by partner, channel, and source.

Advisor-led Completion

Advisors can locate and complete consumer insurance applications in a streamlined advisor view, including payment.

Lead Management

End-to-end management of leads including lead deprecation and delegation.

User Management

Permission based CX to support policy changes and cancellation. We’ll integrate with the insurers systems to ensure everything is in-sync.

User Management

User Views

View all policyholders and filter by partner, channel, and source.

Policy Holder Changes

CX to support the change of policy holder information, if applicable.


CX and integration to support policy cancelation

Reporting & Analytics

We support lead and user sales reporting.

We uniquely support accounting reporting to support the multi-party payouts required as part of embedded insurance deployment (eg. X rev split amongst the broker, enterprise partner, and insurer.

Sales and Revenue

View sales, by partner, channel, and source.

Accounting Reconciliation

Configure and report on payouts that need to be made to brokers, and distribution partners.

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