January 1, 2022

6 healthy lifestyle habits to kick off the New Year

Resolutions come and go, but the ones that stick fundamentally make your life better.

From upping your physical fitness and focusing on your mental wellbeing to righting some of your financial wrongs, everyone’s got the chance to wipe the slate clean with a fresh start.

And although sometimes resolutions may feel like a futile exercise (because how in the world are you going to achieve all that?), we’ve got the very best tricks in the book to help you get there.

Dive into the New Year with a healthier daily routine, whether it’s physically, mentally, or digitally.

Our secret? Drilling down your lofty goals into specific, actionable steps and utilizing certain apps to follow through.

Here are 6 easy and healthy lifestyle habits you can actually keep all year long.

1. Amp up your morning routine by staying hydrated 

Rise and shine — and while you’re at it, down a glass of water. Most of us don’t drink enough water even though we know it’s good for us. So the night before you go to bed, keep a tall glass of water or a water bottle by your bedside to remind yourself to hydrate the moment you wake up.

2. Go greener: add at least one fruit or vegetable to your meals

Hate veggies? You’re not alone. Only 30 percent of Canadians manage to get enough vegetables in their diet. And if eating a bowl of salad is not for you, there are other ways to still get those nutrient-rich goodies into your system. 

Sneak your greens into smoothies, stir-fries, sandwiches, soups and more. Love a classic PB & J? Cut up a few banana slices and add them on top. Adding different components to your meal or blending them up so they’re “less noticeable” can help you overcome the barriers to healthy eating.

3. Gradually kick up your heart rate 

The key to a sustainable active lifestyle begins with finding activities you enjoy or that don’t require a lot of willpower or second-guessing. And if you still struggle with keeping up your motivation or lack inspiration, you can always turn to fitness classes through ClassPass, a curated community of healthy routine building.

Choose from hundreds of yoga sessions, strength training, or cardio lessons from the comfort of your own home — and of course, at your own pace and difficulty level too.

4. Get in the zone with peaceful meditation 

There’s no shortage of benefits when it comes to getting in the right headspace. Meditation and mindfulness have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase concentration, control anxiety, and boost awareness of yourself and others. 

Whether you take five minutes to yourself in the morning to clear your head or jot down a few things you’re grateful for, mental clarity empowers you to get in the zone and have the confidence to do your best work.

5. Prioritize high-quality sleep

A restful night’s sleep is often what we need the most, but what we give ourselves the least. Juggling busy schedules and navigating work/life balance can get the best of us. But high-quality sleep is about much more than just going to bed by a certain time. It’s giving your brain the rest it deserves and falling asleep faster.

Choose from hundreds of sleep stores in Headspace to help you gain the high-quality sleep you need.

6. Tighten up your cost savings and invest in what’s important

Picture the life you want. What do you see? And who’s by your side? 

To make the most out of your time, be honest with yourself and think about your why. From a financial standpoint, figure out where you can trim your expenses and how to prepare for the future you daydream about and turn it into your reality.

Those commitments you’ve pushed aside in the past? Bring them front and centre. Whether it’s paying down your debts, investing for your retirement, or getting affordable life insurance to protect your loved ones — it pays to start now.

The best lifestyle habits are the ones you keep

Consistency is key. Whether you want to improve your eating and sleeping habits, get in shape, or have a firmer grip on your financial life, building healthy lifestyle habits are easier than you think when you break it down into simple, everyday actions.

Walnut makes it easy to help you achieve your most important goals by using a holistic approach to building wellness in your life. 

For a modest fee, you can get optional access to some world-class brands on top of your insurance, like fitness training with ClassPass, meditation and higher-quality sleep with Headspace, and online security with Dashlane to maintain peace of mind. 

There’s more to life insurance than just making monthly payments. At Walnut, we help you feel protected while never losing sight of what’s important. Get a quote now and start living your best life.