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Our API helps fintechs embed insurance into their offerings.

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We make it simple for you to integrate insurance into your product offering or consumer funnel.

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How It Works

Embedded plan creation

We provide you with the ability to create insurance-focused memberships and cover all of the licensing and broker-support.


Select your coverage

Select from a variety of relevant personal insurance products.


Choose added benefits

Add world-class benefits to complement your insurance products and provide relevant consumer value.


Integrate with one API call

Embed your membership into existing plans or create new ones with a simple integration.

Available Products

Available to be embedded

Pick and choose the coverage and benefits to be packaged.

Group Life Insurance

Essential group life insurance coverage, no comprehensive medical questions.

$5,000 - $50,000 in coverage

Cover debts, final expenses, cash needs

Simple eligiblity criteria

Personal Cyber Protection

Essential group life insurance coverage, no comprehensive medical questions.

$1M loss of funds coverage

$25k ransomware & social engineering coverage

24/7 cyber hotline

Phone & Device Protection

Protect any phone or device against costly damages, breakdowns, and theft.

Hardware protection

Theft reimbursement

Fast and easy claims

Looking for a specific type of coverage?

We can help create a bespoke product for your business.

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With FitOn, members can work out anytime, anywhere, with celebrity trainers who will motivate them to reach their goals. FitOn PRO is a set of premium features to help members reach their fitness and nutrition goals even faster.

Headspace Plus

Headspace helps make meditation simple, teaching life-changing mindfulness skills in just a few minutes daily. Members get hundreds of meditations and exercises for everything from stress to focus to sleep.

Dashlane Premium

Dashlane fills all passwords, payments, and personal details wherever they are needed, across the web, on any device. Users get unlimited password storage, dark web identity monitoring, and a fast, reliable VPN for private, anonymous, browsing.

Case Studies

Neo Financial

We’re helping Novae expand their product offering by making life insurance and cyber protection more accessible to their customers as part of Novae Protect.

Company type

Fintech - Credit Card, Savings Accounts, Investing

Company size

500+ employees

Product lines

Credit card insurance
Embedded insurance & benefits

Novae Money

We helped Neo Financial place embedded card insurances and create premium credit card addons to drive additional consumer value and expand customer LTV.

Company type

Fintech - Credit Card, Savings Accounts, Investing

Company size

45+ employees

Product lines

Embedded insurance & benefits


We’re helping optimity to create recurring revenue through the introduction of Optimity Premium, which contains life insurance and premium wellness benefits.

Company type

Consumer Wellness Platform - Health Coaching


2.6 million users

Product lines

Embedded insurance & benefits


Why choose Walnut?

Get to market in days. Not years.

Use available products to get to market in days or have Walnut source custom offerings to embed.

We handle licensing & regulatory requirements. Plus, broker support.

Licensed across Canada and the US with experienced partners. Get multi-channel broker support when your customers need it.

A wide variety of insurance products.

Home, auto, and life insurance alongside group coverages available as referrals to whitelabeled.

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$25,000 $0 Setup Fees

$1,500 $0 /mo SaaS Fees (first 3 months)

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