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For a happier, healthier mind, Headspace Plus is included in all Walnut memberships.

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Why We Included It

For your mental health

We believe that having a healthy mind is just as important as exercise when it comes to overall well-being. To support your mental health, we included Headspace Plus in all our Walnut memberships.

Headspace Plus Features


Learn to manage feelings and thoughts with the lifelong skill of everyday mindfulness, any time of the day.


Create the conditions for a more restful night’s sleep with sleepcasts, music, and other unique audio experiences.


Train your body and mind at the same time with exercises to strengthen your mental and physical well-being.


Get a clearer picture of what matters most with music and meditations designed to help boost your ability to focus.

Wake up

Inspiring stories and mini-meditations delivered daily to help you start your morning right.

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