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Why you need pet insurance

01Cover expensive medical bills

Veterinary care can be expensive, especially for serious illnesses or injuries. Pet insurance helps cover these costs.

02Protection for a range of pets

Whether you have a dog or cat there are insurance options available to ensure you provide the best care in case the worst happens

03Peace of mind

Know your pet can receive the best veterinary care without creating a financial burden for you or your family.

What we cover


We offer comprehensive coverage for your canine companions, from puppies to senior dogs.


Our coverage ensures your feline friends can receive the best veterinary care throughout their nine lives.

Multi-Pet Households

For households with multiple pets, we offer policies designed to cover all your furry, feathered, or scaled family members.

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How it works

Tell us about your pets

When you’re ready to apply, you’ll answer some basic questions about yourself and what you need insurance for.

Pick a quote

Walnut will show you several different quotes. You’ll choose the one that’s right for you.

You’re covered

After you finalize your policy, Walnut will send you all the information you need to keep on hand about your insurance.

Coverage basics

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Accidents and Illnesses

Our pet insurance provides coverage for a variety of accidents and illnesses, from minor injuries to serious conditions.


Coverage includes prescribed medications necessary for treating your pet's covered conditions.

Surgery and Hospitalization

We provide coverage for surgical procedures and hospital stays, ensuring your pet gets the necessary care when they need it most.

Why Walnut

01Live broker support

Talk to a broker to help you determine the coverage you need and answer your questions. Neo has dedicated brokerage support through Walnut - as a concierge service available any time.

02Compare prices across carriers

Walnut works with multiple insurance carriers so you can see your quotes in one spot and get you the best price for the coverage you need.

03Recognized across Canada

Walnut works with insurers that have operated in Canada for a long time, so you can sleep well knowing your insurer will be around for the long haul.

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