CyberScout Coverage

CyberScout¹ offers coverage against identity theft ($100k), ransomware ($25k) , and social engineering ($25k). Coupled with a 24/7 support line and credit monitoring services.

Loss of funds

$100,000 in coverage

You're protected in case of cyber incidents where funds are lost or stolen due to a cyber attack, identity theft, or fraud.

Your coverage applies to:

  • Monitored (managed by policyholder) accounts
  • Non-monitored (managed by third party) accounts
  • Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)


$25,000 in coverage

You’re protected in case of cyber incidents that involve ransom for a person, digital assets, or personal information.

Your coverage applies to cyber events including:

  • Extortion for persons, digital assets, or personal information
  • Blocked access of important digital information
  • Any other cyber events where you or your digital assets are held at ransom

Social engineering

$25,000 in coverage

You’re protected in the event of social engineering fraud that leads to unwanted access to your financial accounts.

Your coverage applies to:

  • Phishing attacks that result in damages
  • Funds lost through social engineering attacks


Identity Monitoring Service

You should receive an email within 24 hours with a unique code to sign up for this optional service.

Service includes:

  • Credit monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Identity monitoring

¹Provided by CyberScout, a Transunion company.