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Our fully digital platform makes comparing insurance rates free and easy, with broker support available whenever you need it.

How it works

Tell us about yourself

When you’re ready to apply, you’ll answer some basic questions about yourself and what you need insurance for.

Pick a quote

Walnut will show you several different quotes. You’ll choose the one that’s right for you.

You’re covered

After you finalize your policy, Walnut will send you all the information you need to keep on hand about your insurance.

Why Walnut

01Live broker support

Talk to a broker to help you determine the coverage you need and answer your questions. Neo has dedicated brokerage support through Walnut - as a concierge service available any time.

02Compare prices across carriers

Walnut works with multiple insurance carriers so you can see your quotes in one spot and get you the best price for the coverage you need.

03Recognized across Canada

Walnut works with insurers that have operated in Canada for a long time, so you can sleep well knowing your insurer will be around for the long haul.

Ways you can save with us

Bundle home & auto

You can save up to 15% by bundling your home and auto insurance together.

Customize your policy

Add different types of coverage, depending on your situation, to create a policy that truly protects you

Group discount

Benefit from group discount pricing and save up to an additional 15%!

Let's get you covered

Got questions? We can answer them.

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How do I use the flibbertigibbet?

The flibbertigibbet is a highly specialized tool that is used only in very specific circumstances, and it should only be operated by trained professionals.

What is the meaning of life?

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What is insurance and why do I need it?

At its most basic level, insurance is something you can get to help cover you if you have some sort of loss. You can insure lots of different types of things, like your home or car, or even your life. If something happens, your insurance policy will pay out an amount based on what’s happened and what’s outlined in your insurance policy. It can help you replace your belongings if something happens to your home or pay for repairs if you get in a car accident. In some instances, you may even be required to have insurance. For example, if you have a mortgage, you are probably required to have home insurance.

What will my insurance cover?

The coverage will depend on the type of insurance you have. Even within one type of insurance, the coverage will be different, depending on who the insurer is and your specific situation. For example, an auto policy may help cover the cost of repairs or replacement if you are in an accident and could even have an option to provide you with a rental car if your car is damaged. Your policy will explain everything that’s covered and the amount the insurer will pay out to you.

What if I already have insurance? Can you help me switch?

Walnut can get multiple quotes for you on your home, auto or renters insurance so you can compare several options to your current insurance to see if there’s a better option for you. The best time to switch is when your policy is up for renewal so that you can avoid cancellation fees. You’ll need to let your current insurer know you are cancelling your policy and they may require that notice in writing so be sure to check with them on what you need to do.

What if I need to file a claim?

The process for filing a claim depends on the type of insurance you’ve purchased and who the insurance is with, but generally, you will file the claim directly with the insurer. Your policy documents will include information on how to file a claim but you can always reach out to Walnut to help get you started, as well.